10 Smartphone Photography Tricks for busy families

How hectic is family life nowadays with the children, partner, shopping, tidying the house, plus keeping track of the kids schedules and usually juggling a full time job it can be stressful and tiring at the best if times.

With kids simply not staying kids for very long and you doing your absolute best using your camera phone for those moments when they do something unique and special that you may not see again, you then have a look back at the images for them to not look that great, maybe the image were blurred or the flash ruined overall image! – moment lost.

How I can you do this better?

Since many young families don’t have the time to visit a photographer or even have time or the space to have a home visit have a look at my 10 little tricks to make your photos that bit better.

  1. You could happily use the built in phone app but there are some fantastic options out there that offer various things all in one package such as anti-blur, grid squares and editing software altogether for your convenience with 7 of them being found here for you to take a look at.
  2. The issue with most photographs done with camera phones is that they are taken straight away usually with the subject right in the middle of the frame. instead of doing this why not try using the rule of thirds which splits the screen into 9 segmented squares with overlapping lines. The trick here is to place your subject on the overlapping lines to create a more dynamic and visually pleasing image for the viewer. As you can see from the images below which were taken with an LG G3 camera phone the right image is taken straight on using no guides. The left image is using intersecting lines on the right side to highlight the text on the cup, making it stand out more.

3. Keeping it natural with light is definitely the best way using a camera phone trying using sunlight as much as possible because the flash on most if not all camera phones is exceptionally harsh and generally speaking ruins a good photo, as the flash is located on the back of the phone aiming directly at the subject creating large hot spots of light plus altering the colours of the image.

Looking at the images below the left is just natural sunlight coming through the window and the right image is in exactly the same position but using the built in flash as well, it dramatically alters the image. Due to the bright flash the camera has reduced light coming through which has reduced light everywhere else.

4. All that space! – when taking photos you don’t have to fill the entire frame with the subject you can use empty space known as “negative space” around the subject which makes for a more impact full image on the viewer.

Actually the subject matter for this works better filling the frame 🙂 due to the texture of the microphone, but leaving space around the subject leaves them room to breath so to speak, for example if you grabbed a nice shot of your son and he is looking slighting off to the left then leaving more space to the left of the image fits the image more.

5. Use your legs to zoom not the camera phone, This one has to be one of the most important tricks on this list from a technical point of view in my opinion. If you can at all times simply move closer to the subject for zoom shots, if you use the digital zoom the image deteriorates at a rapid rate to the point of no return, wheres it ends up as a smudge of pixels on the screen which no one wants. What is happening is the phone is not really zooming in it is trying to replicate what the subject should look like in a closer perspective.

The images below show the difference, the left one has been done with a digital zoom at a similar distance and the right one has been done by moving the phone closer to the subject.

6. A quick one here is with the phone been set at manufactures settings the quality of the camera might not be set to the highest available so make sure you check this before taking photos, by checking that the MP size is set to the largest number available.

7. Our phones go through a lot from sitting in our pockets and bags all day to being dropped on the floor to letting the kids watch cartoons for 20 minutes. All this could easily make the lens dirty so next time you use it grab a clean cloth and give a good wipe down, in fact the best ones can be found from glasses cases.

8. About ready to burst, if you aren’t that confident getting a great photograph with one or two shots then why not switch the camera over to burst mode, which once activated continues taking photos for as long as you keep the button pressed. Once you have a selection of photos from the subject you then delete the worst ones, job done.

9. Freeze your busted, this is also a large issue with professional gear as even the slightest wobble or movement from the camera when taking a photograph could blur a killer shot! – Try to keep as still as possible when taking those perfect shots as the phone like a camera will pick up movement and potentially blur the photograph. Try to lean your phone hand against something solid such as a tree, wall, door frame etc to help keep those photos as sharp as possible.

10. Finally what about the editing? – make your photos really stand out from the crowd by having a look at Hubspots post on some of the best editing software out there for mobile which is quick and easy to use.

These are just some of the tricks out there to help out with using a camera phone more effectively, but if you have some free time available now have a quick look around my gallery for the style and quality I provide.


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