The Comfort Zone

Honestly coming from experience, that “comfort zone” thing will actually dictate your entire life if you let it, your only born once and need to make the absolute most of it while you’re here! –

Why is it so EASY to pass on knowledge to other folk but never actually listen to your own chuffing words!

So I actually attended me first networking event today at Digital Media Centre (DMC) in Barnsley town centre, as word a mouth is meant to be a powerful tool in a entrepreneurs arsenal which in me opinion trumps social media any day a week! – now maybe it’s me not utilising social media properly or am simply not putting the time in but word a mouth advertising always works best for me as a photographer.

Starting the day

So a had to be there for half 8 this morning, meaning I had to be up for about half 6 as a only catch bus if I absolutely have to, so generally a walk everywhere. The DMC from me is about 2 and half mile which takes about 45 minutes (ish) depending on weather, but today the weather were on me side thank god! – I do all me general stuff that you do in morning like brushing your teeth and that but this morning had it in for me.

I’ve got an electric tooth brush (not them proper swish one’s mind you) it cost me 3 quid from me barber (Yep, me barber) but batteries don’t fit right….EVER so a whack base of it on wall to (ahem, click it) into place to then split back a tooth brush and leave a fantastic print in wall paper for me grandparents to find and skin me over when a get home.

Wicked! – well played sir…

so a gets me teeth done and goes to get me shower gear from me gym bag which a used yesterday, only to find when showering at gym that I’d not put lid back on me shampoo! – What sort a pudding does that?! The chaos, the blue oozing catastrophe which was presented to me in me gym bag, it were everywhere! – absolutely everywhere. All me shower gear were covered in it not to mention me gym towel and gloves. But I didn’t even notice this at first, a put the bag down on me grandma’s fresh clean bath mats in bathroom first to see the blue fountain coming out of a split in bag! – second strike for me from me grandparents.

b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l  – this were before I’d even had me breakfast, quality start to me day. Do you ever have those days where you think… knackers to this am going back to bed and starting me day again? – A thought this were one a them days.

The Event

I’ve never actually been to one a these networking thingies before, so a were nervous as it’s a comfort zone thing with me, a gets in only to see an ocean of white shirts and black suits everywhere! – am thinking oh no, these aren’t sort a folk I want to be networking with they look like a bunch a bankers or whatever.

A nips to toilet to reassess the situation, talking myself out of it and thinking to simply walk out without even signing in but then… I have an Epiphany !  NO I’ll have 5 minutes to have a look around properly (thats a lie, am actually willing someone to approach me instead like a coward!) whips out me phone so a don’t look awkward but inadvertently creating a barrier to be approached due to me phone. (vicious cycle engaged)

But then someone walks up stairs that I actually know called Sarah Valentine (kept wanting to call her Jill Valentine accidentally! – bloody computer games) and she gives me a proper pep talk and boosts me confidence to get stuck in! – she chats to a couple a folk and brings them over and the conversation starts flowing, I ended up making 5 contacts when me plan were to only engage 2, already creating a barrier for me self.

It’s amazing how much is in your mind, how difficult a person can make something when there simply is no reason to. Take for example all the suited and booted people that attended and intimidated me – why did they? What because they know how to wear a suit and put a tie on? So what! I could do that, but that doesn’t represent me as a person, so I would be creating a fake impression of myself to fit in. I was actually going to bail on the entire event because of how they dressed and the misinterpretation in my mind of what a suited person stands for, I actually felt out place like I was more common than they were, and it actually turned out they were fantastic people to chat to and I learnt so much from the experience.

This cant be any truer, I know its difficult but its the only way to move forward and actually mean something.

So… with this in mind about how a dress code manipulated me for my next networking event I am going to wear the brightest yellow t-shirt I can find and just see if this intrigues folk into thinking “wow, how loud is that shirt his wearing, I wonder what his business is? – what kind of a person is he? in fact am going over to ask.

Lets see whats happens, a shall keep you posted on the outcome.

Signing off…


P.S am after posting every couple a week to start with so I can get into the swing of blogging because being honest a reckon a could definitely get into this. 😉